Making the difference

Always developing, never stopping, mastering the art of collections,
seeking to make a difference. But don't just take our word for it...

Insurance Industry

I know I am not their biggest customer, but they treat me as if I am their golden goose…

“I had been receiving calls from a Salesman at B&C that had previously worked for a large commercial collection agency. He was my representative when he worked for his former employer. On these calls, he kept telling me that B&C…”

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Insurance Industry

I never felt like I was just a number, or just another client. I was a king…

“For two years I had a salesman from B&C calling me. He wanted me to use his company’s collection services, and he wanted to pay MY COMPANY when I placed the business. I understood the concept; however, could not wrap my brain around why they had this…”

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Telecommunications Industry

They just hit it out of the
park for me…

“Six years ago, when I started in this job, I walked into an accounts receivable department that was a mess. No one had documented what customers had been turned over for collection, no one had written any balances off, and I had no idea which customers were in litigation…”

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The results really do speak for themselves. Within a year of working together they had replaced another to become our primary collections agency – they were doing such a good job
B&C client from the communications sector