Making the difference

Commercial collection services aimed at making a difference and maintaining key customer relationships. But don't just take our word for it...

Training with Brennan & Clark was worth every penny.

When I joined the company and took on my current role as delinquency management supervisor just over a year ago, I realised there was a need for some guidance around collections. Our in-house training was targeted towards the customer service department, so we needed expert, outside training, purely for collections.

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Last year alone, Brennan & Clarks recovery rate was 34%

Account receivables outsourcing case study.

When I took up my role as senior analyst in the collections department at a leading telecommunications company, Brennan & Clark was already working with us and our company was using their outsourcing service. You could say I inherited them, but there’s no way I would be without them now!

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Brennan and Clark is an essential limb of our collections strategy.

Before we brought Brennan & Clark onboard, we had an in-house debt recovery department, but we encountered real problems chasing accounts receivables and getting payment on time. Honestly, our approach was just too soft and although we made calls, bills would often go unpaid.

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A 60% collection return rate makes Brennan & Clark an unbeatable partner

Brennan and Clark do an amazing job for us. We’ve been working with them for 30 years and we trust them to handle even our toughest accounts because they get such a fantastic return rate for us – over 60%, which is incredible.

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A collections rate of up to 40%, which exceeds all expectations

“Brennan & Clark is a vital part of our team, delivering expert advice and unbeatable collections”

Insurance collections case study – As a property, casualty and life insurance company operating in 13 different states, we have a high
volume of collections work. When it became impossible to handle everything in-house, we needed a
trusted partner that we could hand our accounts over to securely.

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Predictable payments make cashflow a breeze”

With the Fast Track Payment service there’s no need to chase payments. We have been working with Brennan & Clark for over 15 years. Previously we worked with several larger agencies, but we spent so much time chasing reports and updates on debt recovery. So, when we heard of B&C’s Fast Track Payment model, we were keen to give it a go.

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Insurance Industry

From $150k to $2 million recovery in 1 year - all while protecting client relationships

We used to recover around $150k a year, Brennan & Clark increased that to $2 million in just one year, and in 2020 we recovered a total of $9.6 million.

When I took over debt recovery at my insurance firm in 2011, our collections department was chaotic. We had three attorneys and a collections agency working to collect money on our behalf, yet none of the data we needed to make good financial decisions was available to me. We needed to streamline our Insurance debt collections.

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The results really do speak for themselves. Within a year of working together they had replaced another to become our primary collections agency – they were doing such a good job
- B&C client from the communications sector