Making the difference

Always developing, never stopping, mastering the art of collections,
seeking to make a difference. But don't just take our word for it...

“Predictable payments make cashflow a breeze”

With the Fast Track Payment service there’s no need to chase payments. We have been working with Brennan & Clark for over 15 years. Previously we worked with several larger agencies, but we spent so much time chasing reports and updates on debt recovery. So, when we heard of B&C’s Fast Track Payment model, we were keen to give it a go.

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Insurance Industry

"From $150k to $2 million recovery in 1 year - all while protecting client relationships"

We used to recover around $100 to $150k a year, Brennan & Clark increased that to $2 million in just one year and in 2020, we recovered a total of 9.6 million dollars.

When I took over debt recovery at my insurance firm in 2011, our collections department was chaotic. We had three attorneys and a collections agency working to collect money on our behalf, yet none of the data we needed to make good financial decisions was available to me.

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The results really do speak for themselves. Within a year of working together they had replaced another to become our primary collections agency – they were doing such a good job
B&C client from the communications sector