Case Study: Insurance Company

“Predictable payments make cashflow a breeze”

With the Fast Track Payment service there’s no need to chase payments

We have been working with Brennan & Clark for over 15 years. Previously we worked with several larger agencies, but we spent so much time chasing reports and updates on debt recovery. So, when we heard of B&C’s Fast Track Payment model, we were keen to give it a go.

The trial went smoothly, and we were impressed with their performance – so much so that we decided to transfer all our accounts over to Brennan & Clark. It’s a decision we have never once regretted, and we only work with them for debt recovery now.

We just love the Fast Track Payment model. We turned everything over to them and they were able to assess our accounts and confirm how much they would pay upfront. It made everything so much more predictable, with no need to monitor or chase payments, and we can easily manage cashflow.

Our costs have been cut and the percentage of debt recovered has just gone up and up each year

Fast Track Payment makes everything so much easier! The process is simple, and we know in advance how much we will receive, which makes cashflow a breeze. Plus, they analyze the percentage they will pay upfront every year based on their recent collect rates. As they increase collections, they continue to pay more. So, their hassle-free Fast Track Payment service just keeps on giving.

Over time our business model has changed, but Brennan & Clark have continued to exceed our expectations. We used to offer personal insurance but since 2015 we only offer commercial property and casualty insurance. Brennan & Clark have been with us throughout, consistently providing strong collections performance.

Not only that – we also have lower overheads. As the Finance Assistant Manager, I oversee accounts receivable and also work with the claims department. If I were to try and do everything in-house, I would have to hire a big team. But with Brennan & Clark on board, we just leave it to the experts and trust them completely.

When we started out with Brennan & Clark, we had seven people working in accounts receivable. Now we have just three. Our costs have been cut and the percentage of debt recovered has just gone up and up.

Brennan & Clark have lightened our workload considerably

We have less staff chasing accounts, less paperwork and overall, we have a great relationship with the Brennan & Clark team.

They are always so accommodating, and Kim Roland is so prompt in communication with us. Ask her for a report and she’s on it, with all the required info returned same day, sometimes within the hour.

The team at Brennan & Clark are skilled negotiators. They undertake hundreds of hours training per year. There’s no way we would be able to match that in-house – and that’s what enables them to collect everything that can possibly be collected.

The whole team go above and beyond to make you feel secure and stress-free

We wouldn’t use any other firm for debt recovery now. We pride ourselves on having a family atmosphere and Brennan & Clark are just the same. Kim is so personable and welcoming and the whole team go above and beyond to make you feel secure and stress-free.

Their open and respectful ethos is what enables them to increase recovery rates while still protecting client relationships.

In fact, we are currently talking to our partners to encourage them to work with Brennan & Clark too. We are affiliated with a larger company and we’re working right now on a new system that will include Brennan & Clark – largely because of the advantages of their Fast Track Payment system and excellent customer service.

Even our company president says there’s no way we would consider switching to another firm for collections. They are just too good at what they do – they offer great service; achieve outstanding results; and they pay up front. You wouldn’t find it anywhere else!

Try us without contract or commitment

Our proven process, smart technology and skilled negotiators ensure we can always recover a full 20% more than the industry average. All while prioritizing and protecting your client relationships.