Case Study: Insurance Company

A collections rate of up to 40%, which exceeds all expectations

Brennan & Clark is a vital part of our team, delivering expert advice and unbeatable collections

As a property, casualty and life insurance company operating in 13 different states, we have a high volume of commercial collections work. When it became impossible to handle everything in-house, we needed a trusted partner that we could hand our accounts over to securely.

Brennan & Clark offered that safe pair of hands and have subsequently become an invaluable part of our team, delivering expert advice – plus a collections rate of around 30 to 40%, which exceeds all expectations.

My organization has now been working with them for several years, which meant that I was fortunate enough to have Brennan & Clark on hand as I stepped into my new role as Finance Manager, in 2019.

Brennan & Clark were helpful from day one. They really supported me to transition into the role from my previous job in Accounts Receivable, often providing knowledge and advice to improve our collections performance or useful insight on leading our internal collections team.

Nothing is too much trouble and CEO, Meg Scotty, is always on hand for expert collections advice

Nothing was too much trouble and CEO, Meg Scotty, was always available to answer my questions, particularly as we navigated new terrain through the pandemic. Meg also helped us train our internal collections team to get them properly certified.

She is so knowledgeable about the Insurance commercial collections industry and the certification process and is very well respected within our firm. In fact, if we ever have any queries, my boss always says, “What does Meg think of that?”

Consequently, Brennan & Clark is my go-to source for guidance. If I have any issues or problems, I give them a call because they genuinely want you to succeed – as a company and as an individual.

Insurance collections
Kim Roland is brilliant with data analysis, and she has been instrumental in building effective custom reports for our team

One area where Brennan & Clark has seriously enhanced our capabilities is in reporting. Sales Director, Kim Roland, is brilliant with data analysis and she has been instrumental in building effective custom reports for our team.

Customization enables us to identify those clients most likely to pay back debt so we can allocate resources more efficiently. It is an ongoing process and Kim is always happy to help us refine our reporting if we find any gaps.

With more data at our disposal, collections have increased. Brennan & Clark has also supported us to maximize recovery rates and helped train our team – all without questioning which accounts we keep in-house and which we hand over.

They simply bring to bear their 40 plus years of collections expertise to help us succeed, any way they can.

Furthermore, where we outsource collections to Brennan & Clark, we totally trust them to recover funds while protecting client relationships.

Vice President, Frank Carroll is our main contact for quality control. He is very proactive and if there are any complaints, he takes them seriously. He will drop everything to provide us with a recording of the call, as well as dealing with customers if necessary.

Brennan & Clark are firm but very professional in their approach. Their staff undergo a lot of training – almost four times the industry average – and they are expert negotiators. When speaking with clients, they sound like a law firm and have stringent processes in place to ensure they remain sensitive to client relations.

Should any accounts progress to litigation, we call on Dan Roberts, as this is not an area of expertise for us. He will research which companies are most likely to yield and he takes care of the whole process for us. We trust him completely to get the best results for our company.

They are genuine partners and feel like part of the company – my number one resource for collections

Across the collections department, we work very closely with the Brennan & Clark team. They provide a first-class service on debt recovery and have also been instrumental in staff training and certification to improve our own, internal performance.

Regular calls keep everything on track and every month they check-in with us to discuss any issues they see on the horizon. In recent times their specialist support has been invaluable, and I certainly would not want to be without them.

They are genuine partners and feel like part of the company – my number one resource for insurance collections.

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