First-Party Outsourcing Solutions

Increase collections and improve customer relations

Tailored first-party outsourcing delivers bigger returns with reduced overheads.

We streamline all aspects of your accounts receivable process, contacting customers as an extension of your company – not a third-party collection agency. This ensures higher returns, reduced costs and greater customer satisfaction.

Brennan & Clark will work with you to develop a customized approach.  This customized campaign will be a combination of live calls, letters, emails and voice broadcasts.  Our expert negotiators collect all that can be collected, drawing on extensive experience and proven processes to collect 20% more than the industry average. All while protecting and prioritizing customer relations, so you enjoy more money, not more complaints.

Whether you are short-staffed, or simply want to outsource your receivables without increasing costs, our flexible and scalable first party outsourcing services can help.

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Why choose First-Party Outsourcing?

Our skilled negotiators contact your customers as part of your in-house team, enabling you to:
  • Focus more time on your core operation.

  • Reduce the stress involved in managing and maintaining in-house collections.

  • Enjoy expert collections support without using a third-party agency.

  • Fill short term gaps caused by increased volume, company acquisitions, or employee turnover

How we help

Our tailored first-party collections are customized to your needs, ensuring your receivables are resolved as quickly as possible. Any accounts that don’t resolve can be switched to our third-party collections.
  • Efficient administration

    We will develop a customized account plan and escalation strategy.

  • 24/7 access

    We will provide you with an easy to use and secure portal to access and view account activity.

  • Effective reminders

    We will maintain your customer relationships while resolving their past-due accounts.

  • Responsive service

    Our inbound call service handles incoming calls regarding accounts receivable.

  • Successful resolution

    We work proactively with customers to resolve disputed billing items on your behalf.

What our clients say…

We went through an acquisition that dumped a lot of aging receivables in our lap without having the manpower to handle them all. After talking to Brennan & Clark we agreed that a first party approach would be best. I am pleased to say not only did it provide a welcome introduction to our company with these new customers, it saved us over $53,000 in fees we would have paid if we had gone straight to 3rd party collections
We’ve worked with Brennan & Clark for 13 years now. Everyone we work with is very helpful and friendly. We know that when we send them accounts, they will be handled timely and professionally.
When our department went through some restructuring, Brennan & Clark was there to act as an extension of our department. They kept the cash flow coming in while maintaining the customer first approach we look for in first party collections. It was a great help and I would highly recommend

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