Bigger return
& better service

Protecting customer relations

For over 40 years of sustained determination we have become one of the most effective Commercial Collections agencies in North America.

We collect all that’s collectible, scoring a full 20% above the industry average. All achieved while respecting and protecting customer relations and delivering a top-class service.

Avoiding damage to client relationships is a fundamental part of our unique approach and is at the heart of our Contingency Collections service offering.

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Bigger return & better service

At Brennan & Clark we offer an unbeatable Contingency Collections service with high returns and excellent customer service. Improving your cashflow, reducing your workload and stress.

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More money, not more complaints.

You can have it all! Bigger return and better service. We collect all that can be collected, while being sensitive to customer relations, and providing a top-class service. Our rates are not the lowest, but our returns are unbeatable.

Market Standard
Low Rate Weak Collections
Less Money Poor Service
Our Rate Strong Collections
More Money Better Service
Example 1

Higher rate, but a bigger return

A new customer was getting a 24.5% net return rate from their current agency (they were recovering 29% gross and charging 15%). We charged 20% but got them a 27.2% net return by recovering 34%. We also delivered a much higher level of service.

Example 2

A true collections fee at just 9.5%

The customer agreed to pay us a contingency rate of 25%, with their contracts allowing collection fees to be charged back to their customer. By collecting more, as well as the collections fees, the true contingency rate to the customer was just 9.5%.

Trusted partner

Collect without a single customer complaint

I clearly remember making the call to you in March. I was just off an executive team Zoom call where we had been discussing how to manage collections during this pandemic. After some discussions we all agreed to allow you (Brennan & Clark) to continue to handle our collection items with a focus on service. Our message was clear, if we started to receive complaints from our customers we would pull the plug. Well, here we are in September and I have to say Brennan & Clark could not have been a better partner. Not only did you continue to collect, but more importantly you were able to do so without a single customer complaint. Not one! I’m so glad we gave you the chance to do what you do best. It has been a great help to have a partner we can depend on, especially one that cares as much about our reputation as we do. We can’t thank you enough for the care you took during this difficult time – you have a customer for life!

15 years the undisputed champions

We started with Brennan & Clark on a Champ/Challenger format. Brennan & Clark were the challenger who very quickly became the Champ. That was 15 years ago. Ever since then as part of our fiduciary duty we test them against other agencies that call us and claim they can do a better job, but after 15 years they have yet to be unseated! On top of that we are always surprised when we track how many requests for additional documentation is received from Brennan & Clark. They request 80% less documents but collect, on average, a full 15% more. They are now the benchmark we use to test other claims and I doubt we’ll ever find anyone who could outperform their return and the service we receive. Way to go Champs!

An agency we can trust

Your team has exceeded my expectations on both a company and a personal level. Since we started working with you, my job has got a lot easier. I always know the accounts are being handled in a professional manner. I’m also impressed with how quickly you can turn around all our specialist report requests – and we have quite a few! It’s like you have magic elves working behind the scenes! Thank you for being an agency we can trust and can enjoy working with.

Contingency collections services include:

  • Outsourcing

    Invoicing Services, Credit Inquiries, Customer Service calls, Letter Writing

  • Subrogation

    Expert data mining to investigate and determine your right of recovery

  • Free demand

    Same day intervention from our team of experts

  • Legal services

    Legal Consultation and Litigation Management to enforce recovery

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