Sectors Served

We help clients across many different sectors. We have
particularly deep experience in those highlighted here.

Property and Casualty Insurance

As early as 1986 we began working with clients from the P&C insurance industry. We are now one of the leading commercial collections agencies in the recovery of audit and earned premiums, and deductible balances. We work hard to stay at the cutting edge of best-practice collections methodologies in the insurance industry. A determination that underpins our capability to collect all that’s collectible. In this sector we collect a full 20% more than the industry average.

Health and Life Insurance

Brennan & Clark has been representing health and life carriers since 1988. We work with some of the largest carriers in the recovery of their premium accounts, as well as claim overpayments. Our team of collection professionals are all HIPAA compliant and coached to understand the sensitivities involved in collecting overpayments from both member and provider accounts.


We have a deep understanding of the distribution industry. Back in 1980 one of our very first clients came from the distributor sector, and we’re glad to say they are still with us today. From dispute resolution, to credits, we know the language and methodologies to efficiently collect past due balances in this sector. Our experience helps us to quickly see where the liability lies, and our expertise and technology enables us to collect all that’s collectible.


We have worked in the transportation industry for many years and we understand how important it is for you to have a collection partner who understands the intricacies and nuances of the transportation industry. Our team has a tremendous track record in collecting freight charges. We’ve working with truckload and LTL carriers, air-freight, commercial moving companies and more.

Professional Services

We believe in the importance and value of strong customer relationships. In the professional services sector customer relationships can be strong, but also sensitive. We pride ourselves on our ability to collect while also protecting, even enhancing, relationships. With respect, professionalism and diplomacy we’ll collect all that can be collected.


We have worked with clients from this unique field since our doors opened in 1980. We understand that the biggest obstacles to overcome here are the common stall and delay tactics, typically centered around the claim that the product didn’t work as expected. We’ve had decades to perfect the negotiation skills required to overcome these tactics. A firm, professional manner that gets results.