Why Us?

Expert negotiation for exceptional results

The capability to collect all that’s collectible while also
protecting client relations.

Need a genuine collections partner?

Do you need help with a large volume of problematic commercial collections? Are you looking for a genuine, professional, established partner to help? Are you protective of your client relationships?

If yes, we’re for you.

Through over 40 years of dedication to mastering the art of collections we have become one of the most effective commercial debt collection agencies in North America. We collect all that’s collectible, scoring a full 20% above the industry average. Through our training our clients also collect, on average, 19.8% more money. All achieved while respecting, protecting, and often enhancing, client relations.

1. Strong Foundations

The Values That Guide Us

We believe in respect. When collecting we’re clear on the outcome we want to achieve but we’re always respectful. We believe in sharing. We freely share all our knowledge with clients, through our involvement with industry associations, and though our social media channels with everyone else. We believe in collaboration. We see our team and the client team as one, working together to; maximize collections, use the least amount of resources, and protect relations.

2. Expert Negotiators

Highly Trained Negotiators

We are a team of 30 expert negotiators, each practiced in the art of collecting while also protecting, and often enhancing, client relationships. We insist that our negotiators are certified and each undertakes, on average, 312 training hours per annum, almost 4 times the industry average. Each has, on average, 9.8 years’ experience, more than 15 times the industry average. We also have 1 analyst for every 6 negotiators, also well beyond the industry norm.

3. Proven Process

Trail Finders

The right road is rarely the easy one, or the short one. Our relentless pursuit to master the art of collections has certainly been a long one, and not without its challenges. But it’s been a great journey. Through the constant application, measurement and honing of processes we’ve developed a proven methodology. Its fundamentals are tried, tested and sound but we keep honing. There is a way and, judging by our industry leading stats, it looks like we’re on it.

4. Smarter Technology

Proprietary Technology

Many years ago, we opted to go the road of building our own technology rather than relying on 3rd party solutions. Today, our technology platform is key to delivering the Brennan & Clark way. We harness the power of big data and the speed of artificial intelligence to drive efficiency and maximize recovery. We directly and deeply integrate into our client systems to reduce their workload and empower them with real time data. We tailor reporting to our client specific requirements, quickly, and without any fuss.

5. Diversity Policy

Our human capital is the most valuable asset we have

The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of not only our culture, but our reputation and company’s achievement as well.

Brennan & Clark Reporting

At Brennan & Clark we offer customized reporting designed for your specific requirements. We get to know the data points that are important to you and then we tailor our reporting to your needs and what you view as important. Our proprietary program means that you decide not only how we receive information, but also how we report our results back to you. Our In-depth reporting helps clients evaluate their credit risk and make-up of their bad debt write-offs.

The fun is in looking to get better every single day in every single way.

We’re not looking to be the biggest, but we are certainly looking to be the best. We’re applying the latest thinking. We’re tweaking the process. We’re pushing technology. We just never stop, and we love it!

Kim Roland, Vice President of Sales, Brennan & Clark
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We always turn to Brennan & Clark for collections guidance and support because we know that even if they don’t have the answer right away, they won’t stop until they find it. They’re an extension of our department – a true partner.
- B&C client from the insurance sector