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The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing your Collections

For over 40 years we’ve been working to advance our understanding of, and ability to, collect money for our clients.

We’re never done, we seek to keep improving, to go further and further on the journey to mastering the art of commercial collections.

Through deep thinking, talent development, process refinement and technological advancement we seek to collect all that is collectable while protecting valuable client relationships.

Now, for the first time, we’ve distilled all we know today into one clear-cut, actionable debt collections guide to help you maximize your own commercial collections performance.

Get your free debt collections guide to learn how to maximize your collection rate by filling in the form.

We used to recover around $100 to $150k a year, Brennan & Clark increased that to $2 million in just one year and in 2020, we recovered a total of $9.6 million.
- B&C client from the Insurance sector.