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Over the past four decades, we have built an exceptionally effective B2B collections agency and collections team by developing, applying and honing the Brennan and Clark way. Our own unique mix of philosophy, talent development, process refinement and technological advancement. Always developing, never stopping, mastering the art of collections, seeking to make a difference.

Collection rate, a full
20% higher than the
industry standard.
The average increase in recovery rate
that our training is proven to yield.
19 Years
Average length of relationship
with our top 10 clients.
312 Hours
Number of annual training hours for a Brennan
& Clark team member vs industry average of 78.
9.8 Years
Average experience of our negotiators
vs the industry average of 8 months.
29 States
Number of states where we
hold collections licenses.
Each member of our
collections team is a
highly trained
expert negotiator.
5 Analysts
With 1 analyst for every 6 negotiators,
well beyond the industry norm.

Our Story

Brennan & Clark is established
Mike Brennan, with almost 20 years
industry experience, founded B&C.
Innovative software inclusion
Innovative, proprietary software puts
Brennan & Clark at the cutting edge of
tailored services.
Fast Track
Industry first, payment up front service,
launched. The Fast Track Program.
Meg Scotty named President
Our new leadership team is established.
Frank Carroll appointed Head Negotiator
Emphasizing our commitment to
developing advanced negotiation skills.
CCAofA is established
Meg and Frank become founding members of the
CCAofA and become instrumental in the
development of the most advanced industry
certification available to collection professionals.
Dedicated Outsource Team
Our Outsource department is fully up
and running as an independent division.
A brand-new direction
Brennan & Clark rebrands with an entirely new
identity to accurately reflect our vision & beliefs.
Fast Track reaches 100 customers
Our unique program reaches a milestone with
our ability to transform the way 100 companies
think about their past due receivables.
Acquisition of CRS Inc
A Commercial Collection Agency that brought us deeper into the manufacturing arena.
Certified WBENC (Women-Owned Business)
Symbolizing our commitment to excellence, growth and reinforcing our commitment to empowerment and inclusivity.
Enhanced bad debt reporting
New reporting metrics help clients gauge the impact of writing off bad debts.
Optimized Analytic Reporting Capabilities
Developed analytics to identify points of loss for credit grantors enhancing their ability to mitigate risk.

Our people are career negotiators, many with us for more than 10 years.

Our people are career negotiators, many with us for more than 10 years. A stark contrast to the average employee turnover in this sector of just 8 months. This level of experience and expertise delivers an entirely different experience for both debtor and client, as well as results that are far beyond the industry norm.

Meg Scotty, CEO, Brennan & Clark

A team of collections experts

Our team has more than 245 years of combined industry experience. You
would expect us to know a thing or two about collections!

Meg Scotty
Frank Carroll
Vice President
Kim Roland
Vice President of Sales
Tracy Kaufmann
Paula Catalano, CMA
I’d give Brennan & Clark a 9 out of 10. We’re consistently impressed with their service. They work hard, deliver results and they’re particularly sensitive to the relationships we have with our customers and the importance of protecting them.