Expert Commercial Collections for the Insurance Industry

For nearly 40 years we’ve been working to master the art of Commercial Collections in the Insurance industry.

Our deep, sector-specific experience enables us to successfully collect 20% more than the industry average.

Client relations are paramount in the insurance industry. That’s why we work hard to respect and protect your client relationships while simultaneously maximizing collections. Utilizing the power of data mining technology, we work to fully understand our customers’ accounts and processes, so we can quickly create accurate forecasts and custom reports.

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Meg Scotty
CEO, Brennan & Clark
Leaders in data security and collection processes
Best-practice is vital to our success and we are at the forefront of both data security and collections methodologies. CEO, Meg Scotty, is co-founder of the Commercial Collections Agencies of America and we are active members of IASA, ICE and NSIPA. This professional approach, combined with our unstinting determination, helps drive efficiency and maximize recovery for insurance industry clients.
How we help

Why leading insurance companies partner with Brennan & Clark

Our proven process, smart technology and skilled negotiators ensure we can always recover a full 20% more than the industry average. All while prioritizing and protecting your client relationships.
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A Collections Specialist, at a major Insurance company.
Increased our debt recovery from $150k to $2 million in just a year

Brennan & Clark increased our commercial debt recovery from $150k to $2 million in just a year, whilst protecting our client relationships. They are very data-driven and create custom reports promptly based on our needs to make good financial decisions. We are extremely happy with our partnership with Kim and the team.

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