Case Study: Third-party Collections Agency - Publishing Company

A 60% collection return rate makes Brennan & Clark an unbeatable partner

Third-party Collections Agency case study – Brennan and Clark do an amazing job for us. We’ve been working with them for 30 years and we trust them to handle even our toughest accounts because they get such a fantastic return rate for us – over 60%, which is incredible.

This year, I will have been working for my organization – a US-wide publisher – for 5 years. Brennan & Clark have been there throughout to support me in my role as Collections Manager, and their Third party collections services are just unbeatable.

“Every month I send over a book of non-paying accounts and every month Brennan & Clark deliver on collections.”

It really is a seamless service. We use a secure web portal to upload the account info and then Brennan and Clark get to work. They provide us with monthly reports detailing everything and they always provide thorough feedback on accounts. Payment is prompt too, so I never need to chase them.

The dashboard on their web portal is really useful because I can see everything at a glance, but if I need to ask a question on an account, they respond very quickly. I know they value our business and will do anything to help.

Third Party Collections Agency
“Brennan & Clark are so accommodating, and they treat their clients like gold.”

Once a year we schedule a face-to-face meeting and go for lunch with the CEO Meg Scotty and our main contact, Dan. It’s an opportunity for us to touch base with Brennan & Clark to discuss any major changes we want to make. Dan also messages me weekly and gets back to any queries promptly.

Over the past 30 years, Brennan & Clark have consistently delivered great service. We just never have any issues with them – and our clients haven’t had any valid complaints either.

Brennan & Clark work hard to protect our client relationships, which is essential in a sensitive sector like ours.

We’re so lucky to have Brennan & Clark as our collections partner. With a return rate of over 60%, their performance is amazing. They have a good turnover rate and all our tricky accounts are resolved swiftly. They make my job a lot easier! I would recommend anyone to give them a try as a Third-party Collections Agency.