Case Study: Insurance Company

"From $150k to $2 million recovery in 1 year - all while protecting client relationships"

By a Collections Specialist for a major Insurance company
We used to recover around $150k a year, Brennan & Clark increased that to $2 million in just one year, and in 2020 we recovered a total of $9.6 million.

“When I took over debt recovery at my insurance firm in 2011, our collections department was chaotic. We had three attorneys and a collections agency working to collect money on our behalf, yet none of the data we needed to make good financial decisions was available to me.

I had to chase multiple people for reports and the information I got back was insufficient, including reports from the agency.

It was so frustrating because as a specialist in professional liability insurance we are totally data driven. To operate successfully, we required forecasts, debt recovery estimates and reports showing which clients to target, but I had none of this information at my fingertips. As a result, I started looking for an alternative.”

Brennan & Clark’s deep, data-focused, custom reports really appealed to me…

“Our parent company suggested Brennan & Clark and I contacted them to get a feel for their service. Brennan & Clark’s ability to provide deep, data-focused, custom reports really appealed and they were confident that they could increase our debt recovery.

And they were absolutely right. We moved everything over and it worked really well. Custom reporting was set up quickly so there was no delay in accessing vital information. Now I have instant access to data and we have significantly increased our debt recovery.

Instead of using four providers and spending all my time chasing different people for data, we just use Brennan & Clark, who reliably provide tailored information, with additional help only a phone call away.”

Insurance debt collections
Once I place an account, I’m confident they will deliver and recover the money with no further chasing from me

“Regular monthly and quarterly reports are sent out to us routinely, tailored to meet our needs. And when I request more specific data, Brennan & Clark are always able to provide it right away and, if it’s a custom report, I’ve never waited more than 48 hours.

When my CFO, for example, wants to see more data, or needs additional information, Brennan & Clark always comes through and provides me with that additional detail. I never have to chase reports and whenever I call, they come back with answers really quick, so we can make effective financial decisions based on fact.

If we have a query, even Meg Scotty, Brennan & Clark’s CEO, has been known to get involved and help us, so I would say their customer service is exceptional.

Brennan & Clark always deliver reliable results. Once I place an account with them, I’m confident they will deliver and recover the money with no further chasing from me.

We used to recover around $150k a year, Brennan & Clark increased that to $2 million in just one year, and in 2020 we recovered a total of $9.6 million.

They are now our long-term commercial debt recovery partner, we trust them to get the job done.

“Without a doubt, Brennan & Clark have streamlined my job immeasurably. Previously, I did all the chasing involved in managing the collections process myself; kicking off invoices for all deductibles and any outstanding premiums. The volume of work was just too much.

Now, Brennan & Clark take care of the commercial debt recovery side of things and everything rolls smoothly.

We wouldn’t even consider another provider for debt recovery. Brennan & Clark is our long-term partner – one that enables us to build sound relationships with our clients – and consequently we don’t even consider competitors that approach us for work.

We see our partnership with Brennan & Clark growing even further in the future as we can trust them to get the job done.”

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