Case Study: Telecommunications Company

“Last year alone, Brennan & Clark’s recovery rate was 34%''

By a Senior Analyst for a Telecommunications company
Last year alone, Brennan & Clark’s recovery rate was 34%. That’s above any other agency we’ve used

Account receivables outsourcing case study – When I took up my role as senior analyst in the collections department at a leading telecommunications company, Brennan & Clark was already working with us and our company was using their outsourcing service. You could say I inherited them, but there’s no way I would be without them now!

They do a fantastic job for us, and their recovery rate is amazing. Last year alone, Brennan & Clark’s recovery rate was 34%. That’s above any other agency we’ve used.

But it’s not just their recovery rate that makes them so good. Over the last few years, Brennan & Clark has worked with us seamlessly to bring our inactive aged accounts under control through their accounts receivable outsourcing service.

I send over a list of accounts, and they always come back with solutions which frees up my core team. As a Senior Analyst in Finance, I focus on the analytical work required to manage write offs, bankruptcies, and outstanding debt. My work is focused on the enterprise arm of our business rather than consumer telecoms, so the sums are considerable.

When accounts are still unpaid after 60 days, our internal accounts team needs to prioritize active accounts and needed the support of Brennan & Clark.  It’s essential that I can hand those outstanding debts to an agency that manages them without fuss.

And that’s exactly what Brennan & Clark does. They take ownership of enterprise accounts that go over 60 days. They manage the whole Account receivables outsourcing process using the information I send over, allowing me to utilize internal resources where they are most productive. They are indispensable.

My management team clearly agrees with me.  When we were acquired by a larger firm, it seemed likely the new owners might bring in their own collections agency. However, after reviewing their results and service they were more than happy to continue to retain Brennan & Clark because they could see the value they bring to the business.

Brennan & Clark’s reporting is excellent, and they quickly turn around customized reports

Brennan & Clark’s recovery rate is above everyone else. Not only that, but they’re also low maintenance, which is unlike other agencies. That makes working with Brennan & Clark a really smooth process. They don’t send a barrage of emails and questions; they just do their job and come back with excellent results.

It makes Brennan & Clark a pleasure to work with and they are so responsive. If I need an account closed, I’ll send an email and get a reply within five minutes. Their advice is always spot on and I trust what they tell me. They’re just the best to deal with.

Inevitably, with working at a big company we use a lot of templates, but Brennan & Clark are always able to tailor their reports to our template.

If there are issues with the data, they fix it and I often find they go above and beyond for me to ensure the data matches up with the existing format. Everything is turned around quickly and the process is always stress-free.

At the moment, we do use a couple of other agencies managing our Account receivables outsourcing and you have no idea how many questions they ask when undertaking this kind of task for us. I sometimes feel I am doing their job for them, but that just doesn’t happen with Brennan & Clark.

Account receivable outsourcing
The recovery rate with Brennan & Clark is head and shoulders above the rest, as is their service level. That’s why I want to extend our work with B&C.

Everyone on the team is very happy working with Brennan & Clark and I think their many years of experience in commercial collections really shows in the results they deliver.

They always do a great job for us.

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