Training Case Study: Leading Billing and Payments Solutions Company

"Training with Brennan & Clark was worth every penny."

Training with Brennan & Clark was worth every penny because we learned so much. It's individualized and you just can't get that from any other company.

When I selected Brennan & Clark to deliver training for our team, I had already been hunting around for a while to find a company that could meet our needs. I searched on Google and LinkedIn, but I just couldn’t find the right thing.

In fact, I already recognized the name, but when I realized they could do customized training, I knew it was the ideal solution.

When I joined the company and took on my current role as delinquency management supervisor just over a year ago, I realized that there was a need for some guidance around collections. Our in-house training was targeted towards customer service, so we needed expert, outside training, purely for collections.

I was keen to run a refresher for everyone; get some new ideas, and just get the team excited about collecting again.

Kim Roland asked where we needed help and Brennan & Clark did a great job on every single issue – even adding some points of their own.

Someone on my collection team needed help with skip tracing. A lot of times, we won’t get an email address or phone number – just a physical address. So, he needed some hints and tips on how to search for that information.

Also, we have a credit service that we use to look up information, but it’s not great, so I really needed advice on free websites where we could find more information. That’s way too niche for in-house training guys, but for Brennan & Clark, it was no bother.

Our team have gone back time and again to rewatch the recording and gain some new tactics to try.

In fact, working with Brennan & Clark was a pleasure from start to finish. They were super-fast to get back to me with a quote and information about potential dates. They were also very flexible as we were looking to hold the training around Thanksgiving season, and I wanted to make sure everyone was able to attend.

Sure, I could have found some generic training online, but I wanted the training to cover the specific pain points in our department. Brennan & Clark was able to do that and we now have a recording of the training.

My team has since gone back and rewatched it regularly. We also have all the websites and resources for skip tracing, which the whole team can access and has been so helpful in tracking additional information down.

Some of the advice has just been invaluable. I've been in collections my whole life, but Frank Carroll taught me something new. It's such a simple tip that I now use all the time.

And it’s not just me that discovered something new – the whole team enjoyed the experience. They were 100% engaged and really appreciated the opportunity to put their questions to the professionals.

Sometimes you’ve been doing it for a long time and you just kind of need that pick-me-up to get a little inspired in what you do again. I think the customized training accomplished that.

Afterwards, every single one of my team said they found it beneficial, and you know what, the results bear that out. There’s no doubt we are getting our money back through increased collections, just following the best practice guidelines Frank and Kim established for us.

As a result, I absolutely want to do it again. It helped to resolve our current pain points, but I just know that Brennan & Clark has more they could teach us.

Train your team to collect more.

If you feel your team would benefit from a customized collections training session, get in touch with our experts at Brennan & Clark today. Our team will take the time to understand your needs and tailor the training to ensure you get the most out of your session – including follow-up conversations to help embed the learnings in your collections processes.