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The Next Chapter

Throughout this tumultuous pandemic and arduous regulatory time, one of my greatest sources of comfort has been that my team was safe, my team was adaptable, and my operating systems transitioned seamlessly to a work at home environment. Because of all these things, we were able to segment work flows, remain compliant with all of our regulatory bodies, maintain full licensure requirements, and keep all data secure and accounting functions running.

My  biggest blessing throughout the last 9 weeks was that every day I was humbled by the kindness of one of my team members or customers. It gave me the strength and the hope to continue dealing with the daily regulatory changes, the coding changes, the rewrite of policies, and the desire to help customers.

I won’t say we are at the end of the adventure. However, we are ready for the next chapter.

It is our hope that all of the State mandated moratoriums on collection activity will be
lifted in the next 30 days. 95% of them will be lifted by the end of the month.

We are ready for the roll-outs. We are ready for when each of you asks us to resume our activity, and/or we are ready for when the States allow us to resume, and we are ready for the reopening of the Court systems across the country.

I was recently reminded of the saying that everything in life has a beginning, a middle and an end. We are hoping that these changes, along with our (State of Illinois) targeted May 29th reopening, is a sign that we are moving towards the middle. As we work on implementing our phased reopening, we do so with the intention of a safe, healthy and stronger end.

Until then, we’ve got your back. We care about you. We hope that everyone is well.

Meg Scotty, CEO

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