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The Certified Agency Difference

What difference does a Certified Agency really make? Let’s break it down:

  • Commercial Collection Agencies of America members carry a minimum of $300,000 surety bond coverage for your firm’s protection
  • Members’ professional practices help attain maximum dollar recovery
  • Members have qualified for a Certificate of Accreditation and Compliance by fulfilling rigorous certification requirements
  • Members promptly remit funds to your firm
  • A strict code of ethics is followed by each member
  • Financial and procedural overview by Commercial Collection
  • Agencies of America of each member ensures on-going adherence to requirements
  • Members maintain separate trust accounts for collected funds
  • Member agencies have been in business for a minimum of four (4) years
  • Agency executives are required to fulfill continuing education annually
  • Members assist in choosing legal counsel if necessary
  • Creditors can call the Executive Director of Commercial Collection Agencies of America if a problem arises

Brennan & Clark is proud to be a Founding Member of Commercial Collection Agencies of America. Get in touch with us to learn more about how to put those assurances to work for your business.

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