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B2B Debt Collection Reporting Amidst the Data Deluge 

In an age where data is king, finance leaders are often burdened by its abundance, finding it challenging to translate vast data streams into actionable insights. Dun & Bradstreet reports that 33% of these leaders need help to leverage the data essential for strategic planning and risk assessment. B2B debt collection reporting is not immune to this challenge. At Brennan & Clark, we understand this complexity and offer a targeted and customized reporting service that will help refine your approach to commercial debt collections, turning data into a strategic asset rather than an obstacle. 

How Big Data is Driving Big Results in Commercial Collections 

Unlike paper records, today’s digital data can be automatically scrubbed for bankruptcies, corporate viability, and associated email and contact information. All these can help assess the probability of a successful collection. Sifting through vast amounts of data to determine credit risks and predict recovery outcomes can be arduous and time-consuming. However, if you work with a collection agency, their reports should help you digest and evaluate this information to understand your situation fully. 

“Kim Roland is brilliant with data analysis, and she has been instrumental in building effective custom reports for our team. ” – Insurance Company

Custom Reporting: A Strategic Advantage 

Finance leaders, especially Corporate Credit Controllers, need refined insights, not just raw data. At Brennan & Clark, our Customized Reporting Service is specifically designed to provide the necessary clarity and direction to navigate the complexities of B2B debt collection. 

Pain Points Addressed by Customized Reporting from Brennan & Clark: 

  • Data Overwhelm: We filter out irrelevant data, focusing on what’s most crucial for your business decisions, saving you time and increasing productivity. 
  • Risk Assessment Difficulties: Our reports evaluate your credit risk and the make-up of your bad debt write-offs, improving accuracy in credit management and bad debt prevention. 
  • System Integration Challenges: Our proprietary program integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms, eliminating data silos and enhancing workflow efficiency. 
  • Lack of Actionable Insights: We deliver not just data but insights that are aligned with your strategic objectives, enabling proactive decision-making. 
  • Resource Intensiveness: Our service streamlines data management, allowing your team to focus on core strategic activities rather than mundane data processing. 

Focusing on metrics such as SIC codes and demographic factors, we provide insights into debt collectability and help understand the composition of bad debt write-offs. This tailored approach not only aids in assessing credit risk but also enhances the financial outcomes of your operations. 

Are Your Digital Skills Up to Scratch? 

In today’s technology-driven world, the role of digital expertise within finance departments has transitioned from beneficial to necessary. The rapid evolution of technology has necessitated that finance leaders not only keep pace but actively engage with emerging technologies and automation solutions. These advancements are key to optimizing collection processes, accelerating payments, and reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)—critical metrics that significantly impact a company’s liquidity and financial health. For finance leaders, a thorough knowledge of IT is now a must. The Gartner 2024 Budget Priorities for CFOs report revealed that technology is at the top of the list for increased budgets in 2024, with 82% of CFOs planning to spend more than last year. The message is clear: a digital-forward approach is vital for a successful finance department. 

Integrating Technology and Reporting for Strategic Success 

At Brennan & Clark, we understand that true digitization extends far beyond basic technology upgrades. Over the past few years, we have focused on advancing our technology and reporting strategies to support your finance department’s digital transformation. By harnessing smart dialing, AI, and automated processes, our technology solutions reduce manual workload, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives that genuinely add value to your organization. 

Simultaneously, we recognize that advanced technology is most powerful when paired with insightful data reporting. This dual approach combines cutting-edge technology with bespoke reporting, enabling us to deliver a holistic service that integrates seamlessly with your internal processes and business objectives. Our collaboration with your team is key—we don’t just deliver reports; we develop a reporting strategy that complements your technological tools, together implementing a digital collections strategy fit for tomorrow; delivered to you today. 

Inevitably, working at a big company means we use a lot of templates, but Brennan & Clark are always able to tailor their reports to our template.”– Telecommunications Company 

 We invite you to explore a partnership that understands your challenges and delivers solutions that work for you. We invite you to explore a partnership that understands your challenges and delivers solutions that work for you. Let us help you transform data into one of your finance department’s most powerful assets. Contact Brennan & Clark today. 

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