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No more waiting. No more bad debt guesswork. No more chasing collections agencies. Find out how much you could receive with a free assessment. 

Debt recovery can be time consuming and frustrating. If your accounts team is struggling, or worse, you are wasting time chasing agencies for updates, we can help. 

Our expert approach and custom technology mean we’re confident our team will collect more than your standard commercial collections agency – all while respecting and protecting customer relationships. We simply pay now what your current agency might eventually collect, improving your cashflow with minimal stress. 

How do we do that? First, we benchmark the average amount your agency or team currently returns. We then assess your accounts and confirm the percentage we will pay upfront. Simply hand over your accounts and we’ll pay you within 5 days.  

Not only that – if we collect more, we’ll pay more thanks to regular reassessment of your percentage (every 90 days). Meaning less hassle, more money and more predictability for you and your team. 

To find out how much you could receive upfront, request a free Fast Track assessment today. 

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We'll pay you now

No more waiting. No more bad debt guess work. You can track the value of your bad debt wite off every time! No more collections agency management. Hand over the lot and you’re done. We’ll pay you now.

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How can we do that?

It’s simple really. With our approach, team and technology we collect significantly more than your standard Commercial Collections agency. We’re not the biggest, but we are one of the very best at collecting all that can be collected, while also protecting customer relationships. We know we’ll collect more for you so we’ll just pay now what your current agency might eventually collect for you.
  1. We benchmark.

    You tell us what your current agency is netting back to you. This is the collection percentage less the fees paid out. We’ll expect to exceed that number. Send us a year’s worth of statistical recoveries and we’ll determine your net return percentage.

  2. We assess.

    Before we set the price we will pay, provide us with a group of accounts to review. Once assessed, we’ll send you a no obligation quote to confirm the percentage we would pay you, up front, on your accounts moving forward.

  3. You get paid.

    Simply turn your accounts over to us, using the same internal parameters you have in place today, and we'll pay you within 5 days.

  4. We collect.

    We’ll exceed that benchmark – that’s how we make money. But it’s all up to us – we take the risk.

  5. You get more the next time.

    After a few placements, we’ll benchmark based on our recoveries and if we are collecting more, we’ll pay you more moving forward.


Less Hassle. More Money. More predictability.

We know we’ll collect more for you so we’ll just pay now what your current agency might eventually collect for you. Improving your cash flow and making your life easier.
  • Improve your cash flow with money upfront.

    Why wait 30, 60, 90, 120 days and more?

  • Get paid an increasing percentage.

    We have paid every Fast Track customer more over time. As we get to know your business we’ll collect more, and pay more.

  • Lighten your workload.

    Less paperwork, less reporting. Get paid one time, for the lot.

  • Simplify your agency management.

    No more checking in, estimating, waiting, posting payments etc..

  • Improve & know your numbers.

    No more bad debts guess work.

Customers talk about Fast Track

A Corporate Controller, at a publishing company
We’re in our 15th year of success with B&C and the Fast Track program

Many years ago Kim Roland from B&C approached me about their Fast Track Program. I’d never heard of B&C, nor any such program, and it all seemed too good to be true. But I liked Kim’s approach so I tried out their more traditional service. When I saw how good they were I understood why they had the confidence to offer payment upfront. We switched over to that solution. My bosses thought I had struck gold!

We no longer had to touch collection files once placed with B&C. As they learned more about our business they collected even more, and paid us more! We’re now into our 15th year of success with B&C and the Fast Track program.

I now get excited when I get sales calls from other collection agencies, because I simply ask what percentage they are willing to pay us upfront, the conversation stops there. No more harassing sales calls. It’s just great to be done with agency juggling – the cherry on top!

A VP of Finance, at a telecommunications company
3 times they have increased what they pay us

When I first heard of B&C’s Fast Track service I knew we had to try it. It’s always a risk trying new providers but with this program we were going to get paid the same as we were currently getting, but paid up front. Not much of a risk!

And B&C certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact, 3 times they have increased what they pay us. But not only that – I’ve never worked with a nicer group of more competent, more focused people than the B&C team. I’ve really enjoy our partnership. Their folks are always professional, helpful, and funny too!

Fast Track FAQs

How do you make money? What is your fee?

We calculate the price we pay using the current fee you are paying into the net back. We take the total collected, less the fee you paid, to come up with the % we pay. For example, let’s say your current agency is collecting 20%, and after their fee is deducted you net 17%. We’ll pay you the 17% upfront.

Why 5 days? Why review before paying you?

In those 5 days we determine which accounts have been dissolved by the Secretary of State or had a bankruptcy filing. We then return those items to you and remove them from your placement since we are not able to pursue them.

What if we need to credit a balance or close a file after we place it?

You are in control. If you send an account in error, or realize after placement that there is a credit due, then you simply ask us to close the file or reduce the balance that we are collecting on. All we ask in return is that we are reimbursed the amount we paid for the account, or portion that was credited.

How do I know if an account is paid if you don’t send me reports?

You can either log into our system anytime to check an account status or email us for a listing of files paid, at any interval you need.

You claim that you always collect more than other agencies. How is that?

Our industry leading performance can be attributed to several factors, some of the main ones are: a passion for what we do and a commitment to constant improvement, the huge level of training our team undertake, our purpose-built data analysis reporting systems and decades of expertise.

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