What We Do

Leaders in Collections

Trusted by our clients to collect all that’s collectible, while
also protecting client relations.

Contingency Collections

If it can be collected, we’ll collect it

Through nearly 40 years of determination we have become one of the most effective commercial collections agencies in North America. We collect all that’s collectible, scoring a full 20% above the industry average. All achieved while respecting, protecting, and often enhancing, client relations.

Contingency collections services:

  • Outsourcing

    Invoicing Services, Credit Inquiries, Customer Service calls, Letter Writing

  • Subrogation

    Expert data mining to investigate and determine your right of recovery

  • Free demand

    Third Party Intervention to drive results and reduce recovery costs

  • Immediate demand

    Same day intervention from our team of experts

  • Legal services

    Legal Consultation and Litigation Management to enforce recovery

Working with Brennan & Clark, it’s clear that they have a very efficient, smooth process that they trust. They’re a professional agency from top to bottom, I highly recommended them to all.
B&C client from the insurance sector
Fast Track Payment

Payment within 5 working days

We take the risk. Once we assess your accounts we pay you upfront, in no more than 5 working days. Then it’s up to us to collect.

How we do it:

  • 1

    Our team conducts an analysis of your accounts and determines the rate we’re willing to pay immediately if you place the accounts with us.

  • 2

    If you’re happy with that rate, you assign the accounts to us, and we pay you immediately. The whole process takes <5 working days.

  • 3

    We assume the risk, and it’s up to us to collect the debt.

Using Brennan and Clark’s Fast Track Payment offering couldn’t be easier. They pay a fair rate and have enough confidence in their own ability to make it work for themselves also. It’s a win-win.
B&C Client from the telecoms sector.
Collections Training

Build your best-practice collections department

Lean on nearly 40 years of expertise to help make your own collections activities more effective. We’ll openly share all our processes, techniques and insights. Within 6 months you can expect your team to be collecting 20% more.

How we do it:

  • 1


    We evaluate all your internal processes, procedures and results.

  • 2


    We collaborate with you on the development of a ‘Plan for Progress’.

  • 3


    We continue to check in on implementation, and guide as needed.

  • 4


    We help you measure and assess progress and see where to next.

We’ve really enjoyed the process of working with the team from Brennan & Clark over the past 4 years. They really help us to get better and better. A super partner.
B&C Client from the transport/logistic sector.