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I know I am not their biggest customer, but they treat me as if I am their golden goose…

Insurance Industry

“For years I refused to move the business…

I had been receiving calls from a Salesman at B&C that had previously worked for a large commercial collection agency.  He was my representative when he worked for his former employer.  On these calls, he kept telling me that B&C was operating at a much higher level than his previous agency.

He wasn’t trying to be disparaging to his old employer, but he couldn’t recommend B&C highly enough. According to him, they were great at collecting on accounts, professional when it came to resolving disputes, and keeping customers updated on what was going on.  He said all the people were professional, and that I should give them a try. What’s the worst that could happen?

For years I refused to move the business. My work is complicated. I have about 10 regions that I have to report to separately, and I needed all accounts to be assigned to the correct region, and all money remitted to the right place. My biggest hesitation was that I’d have to spend hours making sure any new collection agency was running this process correctly.

Then, one day I received a call from an old employer of mine who happened to be using Brennan & Clark for his own collection work.  He confirmed that everything I’d been told by my contact was in fact true. They were fabulous! With the new confidence his insight gave me, I committed to moving my business to them.

“…I took his advice, and it worked out great.

It’s now 10 months since I started working with Brennan & Clark and they have never mixed up an account or delivered money to the wrong region; they are collecting more money than the previous vendor, and their reps are so professional and doting. If I call them, they get right back to me, if I ask a question, I get an answer immediately. I know I am not their biggest customer, but they treat me as if I am their golden goose.

Quite frankly, I don’t even know if my old vendor realizes that I do not place business with them anymore.  They have never called to ask what happened and why they don’t get any accounts to collect from me anymore! I feel completely vindicated in my decision to switch, and I couldn’t wish for a better collections partner than Brennan & Clark.

“…I feel completely vindicated in my decision to switch.