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How great customer service can develop relationships and help grow your business…

Insurance Industry

“What can you do to help?

I have a customer, in the insurance industry, that has used our 3rd party services for over 15 years.  Over the course of that time, we worked closely with her and the internal team that handled the pre-collection recovery work. While she was very familiar with our 3rd party offerings, she had not yet had the need to discuss or review our 1st party/outsourcing services. That is, until one of her senior employees (with 15+ years of experience) quit with no notice leaving all of their internal processes and procedures at a standstill. She was left with no one to handle all the premium audits or the deductible billings. No one to accept incoming calls or make outgoing calls on the monthly billings.   Plus, no one to refer the files that needed a third-party collection agency to handle. Her question was simple; “What can you do to help?”

The first thing we did was brainstorm and collaborate on what functions we could take over temporarily or indefinitely, depending on their decision about replacing this individual. The reality is, it would come down to coming up with a solution that would maintain customer satisfaction, keep the budget low, and make sure her department benchmarks were met.

We set out first to mirror her internal processes and procedures that were tried and tested and knew to be successful, at our office. By doing so we were able to add enhancements to their processes by finding an effective way to electronically transmit data back and forth, so no human intervention was needed from her office.

“…We were able to add enhancements to their processes

It’s been 5 months now since we embarked on this journey together and the program is running fantastically. Our service team has been able to make the same number of calls on each account, in less time, while ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our efforts. All this while garnering a better return in this pre-collection attempt. To date, the cost for this service has been lower than the salary of the employee who left, not to mention the costs that go into trying to find a replacement candidate and then the training involved once they start. Due to the huge success they decided that this would be a permanent change. We were thrilled to hear they were so happy with the service that they received and the outcome.

I was so humbled by her enthusiasm for my team, and her genuine excitement that we were able to solve a problem for her, taking unnecessary stress away, while also collecting more money. I’m happy our clients see us as a resource that they can turn to when they find themselves in a pinch. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than having a client say that my team went over and above the status quo. It puts a permanent smile on my face!

“I’m happy our clients see us as a resource that they can turn to when they are in a pinch.